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3-in-1 USB Electric Dog Brush

3-in-1 USB Electric Dog Brush

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Variable Application: Eliminate dirt and tangled knots from your pet's coat while providing a soothing massage with our Electric Dog Comb. Its unparalleled efficiency removes loose hair.

Anti-static Design: Prevent flying hairs and static electricity with our Electric Dog Comb's anti-static spray design. Suitable for long and short hair cats and dogs, it provides a comfortable grooming experience for you and your pet.

Easy to Use: The tapered spiral design, smooth rounded tips, and silicone teeth of our Electric Dog Comb make detangling effortless. Its perfect fit on messy hair removes tangles and loose hair for healthier, shinier fur. Pamper your pet with a grooming session that's a breeze.

Grip Conveniently: Make grooming fun with the electric dog comb's mango shape. The ergonomic grip is comfortable to hold while easily combing messy dog hair in all directions. Give your furry friend a soothing massage and a sleek coat.

Long-Lasting Design: Constructed with durable ABS material, our electric dog comb ensures exceptional longevity and is resistant to damage or deformation, allowing for consistent use over time to keep your pet's fur looking glossy and healthy.
The dog brush for shedding is perfect for both long and short hair cats and dogs. The smooth rounded tips and silicone teeth provide a gentle massage while effectively removing shedding hair. Comfortable to hold with durable ABS material, grooming has never been easier or more enjoyable for you and your furry friend!
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